The Wait Is Finally Over!

Over the past year we’ve been working hard to create new office spaces that inspire our agents, staff & clients through not only a functional structural design, but also an exciting interior design. Some might think that this is a frivolous claim but it’s actually a proven fact that the visual environment you’re surrounded by can affect your productivity and energy levels.

So, we've compiled a list of 4 reasons why we're SO excited that our newest @HomeRealty location, downtown Holland, is finally open!

1. Our clients can holistically experience our brand. There's something special about people getting to experience the aesthetics, sound, taste, and feel of our company. When you walk into our building, you'll be in @Home's playground. The furniture, art & decor, lighting, music and even our snacks & beverages were all carefully curated by our culture team to give you 100% us!

2. Our reception lounge is pretty incredible. You will want to stick around and talk, listen to music, draw, whatever, for hours with the ambience we've got planned. Our two-story slide, swing pod, X-box wall & classic Golden Tee are just a few of the perks promoting positive energy & motivation. Think lots of plants, great music and great lighting!

3. We'll have enough space to call home. Our @Home family loves spending time together and with our clients! We get energized from being around good people & good vibes. Now we'll have enough room to gather and play and entertain at our infamous client events!

4. Our @Home family is growing! The love for @Home gets bigger every time we add a new agent, location, customer, employee, or Facebook fan. It's like a domino effect! Nothing makes us happier than seeing more people hear about our story.

We can't wait to see you all at our Grand Opening event on the 17th!

Check It Out!

Photos taken by the talented Realtor & Photographer: Katie MacGregor aka... "Kaitlin Grace Photography"
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